Blood Moon: Longest Lunar Eclipse in XXI Century


Blood Moon: Longest Lunar Eclipse in XXI Century

If you were lucky enough last night to have clear skies, you probably caught a glimpse of a rare celestial event. The total lunar eclipse that delighted stargazers last night was the longest of its kind for the 21st Century. Also, thanks to Mars being in retrograde, last night the planet was the closest to Earth as it has been in 15 years. Sights of the red planet as bright as last night’s won’t happen again until 2050. If you missed out on last night’s spectacular display for whatever reason, don’t worry. Though there won’t be an eclipse that lasts as long for another century, you’ll still have plenty of other opportunities to witness a blood moon in your lifetime. Last night’s eclipse was just the 17th total lunar eclipse of a predicted 85 this century, according to NASA. The next total lunar eclipse is expected to occur on January 21st of next year. If you missed the sight first-hand, take a look at some of the gorgeous images captured by photographers across the world last night. Here we’ve assembled some of the best photos of the 2018 blood moon posted online.


Blood Moon in Paris by nois7

Blood Moon in Paris





Moon in Rotterdam by Timo Bongers

Moon in Rotterdam


Blood Moon in Norway by Jannik Obenhoff

Blood Moon in Norway


Blood Moon over South Wharf by Peter Ioannou

Blood Moon over South Wharf


The Lunar Eclipse by Steffen

The Lunar Eclipse


Blood Moon by Emmanuel Coveney

Blood Moon


Eclipse by Jared Hughes



Lunar Eclipse by SOPHIE ARGIRIOU

Lunar Eclipse


Blood Moon by Sami Takarautio

Blood Moon


Full Blood Moon by Max Guliani

Full Blood Moon


Dreamy Night by Senai Senna

Dreamy Night

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