Creative Photo Ideas and Unexpected Viewpoint of MyeongBeom Kim


Creative Photo Ideas and Unexpected Viewpoint of MyeongBeom Kim

MyeongBeom Kim builds unique works by combining everyday objects whose purposes are often in stark contrast. The sculptures are created from recognizable pieces such as birthday cake candles, canes, and pencils. These objects are reworked to drastically limit their inherent purpose, like the untitled sculpture in which the Korean artist floats a helium-filled balloon inside of a bird cage. The latex bubble is unable to rise higher than the surrounding metal enclosure, and thus balances within the structure until its eventual deflation. Kim received his BFA in Environmental Sculpture from the University of Seoul, and his MFA in Sculpture from the Art Institute of Chicago. If you liked these art installations be sure to check Creative Art Photos by Alexandre Dubosc and Creative Photography of Arthur Mebius.


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creative photo balloon

creative photo cell

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creative photo bed

creative photo bulb

creative photo shovel

creative photo candle

creative photo trap

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creative photo deer

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