Embroidered Flowers on Cakes from Leslie Vigil


Embroidered Flowers on Cakes from Leslie Vigil

Leslie Vigil describes herself as a cake artist and you probably couldn’t come up with a better description for her. Vigil is whipping up such elaborate creations, they definitely belong in a gallery. Some time ago we’ve already shown you her stunning cakes – Buttercream Succulent Cakes. For her recent colorful collection, Tapestry Cakes, the Flour Child used icing as “stitches” to craft stylized flowers, symmetrical laurel leaf patterns, and other details. And if you want something more – be sure to check 3D Jelly Cakes with Flowers.

beautiful flower cakes

embroidered cake

embroidered cakes

embroidered flower cakes

flower cakes

leslie vigil flower cakes

unusual flower cakes

stiched flower cakes

Credits: leslievigil.com

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