Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar 2012 by Jeffrey Scott Campbell


Jeffrey Scott Campbell's comics

Jeffrey Scott Campbell is one of the most famous American comic book artists. And a pretty big part of his popularity comes from his collections of fairy tale princess, provocative, challenging and sexy girls from Disney’s fairy tales. Every year he creates hot calendar for adults containing 12 sexy and beautiful images. So you could say he provides opportunity for adults to enjoy the story of Cindirella, Little Mermaid, Snow White… Today we want to show you some pictures from Jeffrey’s new calendar – Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar 2012. If you want to have all images in your collection you can buy this calendar here.


Fairy Tale Fantasies

Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar 2012

sexy disney

sexy disney princess

Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar 2012

Jeffrey Scott Campbell's calendar

sexy disney

sexy disney princess

  1. Although you need to understand children aren’t born with poisoned minds. They don’t start noticing these things like small waist sizes and such. They notice a pretty girl who turns out happy in the end and that’s all that matters personally.

  2. Yet another reason why female Disney characters are poor role models for little girls…the difference between “pretty princess” and “pinup girl” is practically null. Sure, this calendar might be sexy and fun, but it also sends confusing messages to men and highlights how little the imagination has to work to sexualize Disney princesses who are “role models” for millions of little girls.

    They send warped messages like: Physical beauty is your most important asset. Other women are your enemies. You need a prince charming to be happy and fulfilled. A size zero is normal. Your self-worth is at least as much about your beauty as your smarts.

    Women’s empowerment FAIL.

    1. Yeah, i agree. not so much about this (who doesnt like pinups), but the disney princesses in general are way too sexualized. plus, they get more so with each succesive movie. look at snow white in the origional, she looks pretty much normal, in terms of proportians. but new artwork always halves her waist size and doubles her bust to match the other girls.

      PS. do Tiana, please please plrease!!!

  3. This calandar is the BEST, do you do anything that does not have to do with fairy-tales?? Your drawings are wonderful and I love fairies, butterflies, pegasus’, beautiful beasts, etc. Keep up the good work!!

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