Mysterious Worlds in Justin Peters’ Digital Photo Collages

Mysterious Worlds in Justin Peters' Digital Photo Collages

German artist Justin Peters uses the wide world of photography to create unique composite images. Peters’ dreamy creations play with scale and proportion, mixing human-sized objects like jellyfish and surfboards with the monumental: moons take the place of beach-side campfires and whales breach above foggy mountain ranges. Thematically, Peters frequently combines disparate elements from the natural world, with a particular focus on celestial imagery.

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Peters describes his creative process as working on multiple pieces simultaneously, as he looks for similarities between objects and how components could realistically work together. Whereas many collage artists use strong juxtapositions to create metaphorical contrasts, Peters creates a subtle sense of magical realism by seamlessly integrating the various elements in his images. Professionally, Peters works exclusively in digital media, describing it as the way of the future, though he also experiments with drawing and photography in his free time. And after viewing these stunning colleages be sure to check amazing photo manipulations by Dmitriy Rogozhkin.

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