“The World Turns” Sculpture by Michael Parekowhai

Michael Parekowhai art installation

New Zealand sculptor Michael Parekowhai’s installation titled The World Turns is an intriguing piece of work that features an enormous bronze statue of an elephant balancing on its head. Next to the 5-meter-tall structure, there is a tiny, almost undetectable, figure of a kuril (a rodent native to Australia, often referred to as a “water rat”) and a short distance away there is a chair installed for viewers to take a seat and reflect on the wondrous spectacle. In a statement, the museum says, “The World Turns reminds us that history is often recorded to highlight specific moments, but, as the world turns, there are many other stories – and these are central to our understanding of history.”


The World Turns

Michael Parekowhai

Michael Parekowhai sculpture

Michael Parekowhai art works

The World Turns sculpture

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