130 HP Nitrous-Fueled Indian Scout Bobber


130 HP Nitrous-Fueled Indian Scout Bobber

Named ‘Appaloosa,’ it’s a 2018-model Indian Scout Bobber that’s been masterfully overhauled by Brice Hennebert, at Workhorse Speedshop in Belgium. The bike was commissioned by Indian’s European office, to compete in the ‘Factory’ class at Sultans of Sprint. The class is for four-strokes only, but there’s no limit on engine capacity—provided your power-to-weight ratio doesn’t exceed 0.65 hp/kg.

indian scout bobber

With a 30 hp nitrous boost bringing the Indian’s total output to 130 hp, and a 42 kg weight saving, Brice is spot on. But it wasn’t easy; there’s over 700 hours of work in this monstrous sprinter. That’s because Sultans of Sprint isn’t just about going fast—it’s about looking flash, too. Just the aluminum bodywork alone took Brice seven weeks to shape. It’s dominated by a massive front fairing, which takes inspiration from 1920s trains, 1940s Formula One cars, and the legendary F-86 Sabre fighter jet. And the tail section is a nod to 80s GP two-strokes.

2019 indian scout bobber

custom indian scout bobber

indian scout bobber drag bike

indian scout bobber engine

indian motorcycle scout bobber

indian drag bike

indian scout bobber 2019

indian bobber custom

It’s a special occasion for Indian too—this year is the 100th anniversary of the Scout, so Randy will be wearing special Alpinestars leathers that hark back to the uniforms of the original Indian Wrecking Crew. Also be sure to check K75 Alpha concept bike and 10 world’s fastest motorcycles.

custom indian scout bobber drag bike

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