1993 Yamaha GTS 1000 ‘Project Rhodium Omega’


1993 Yamaha GTS 1000 'Project Rhodium Omega'

The original 1993 Yamaha GTS 1000 forkless sport tourer was truly radical for its time. Now James Chen and JSK Moto Co. have used that future-looking bike to create the one-off Rhodium Omega, which sounds like a weaponized element fought over by the forces of good and evil. In this case, it’s a motorcycle that looks like an anime hybridized panther/wolf spider that’s ready to pounce. Each panel of the bike is pentagonally influenced, and virtually everything from the Gundam-inspired intake vents to the ultra-thin suspended seat and the multi-lens LED headlights are custom crafted for this special bike. Even the Rhodium Omega’s meticulously crafted metal work is the result of painstaking custom molds that give the bike a look like no other. And just like the GTS 1000, the Rhodium Omega eschews the traditional bike fork for a single swingarm setup with its own special shock absorber. If you like this futuristic bike you might be interested in 10 world’s fastest motorcycles.

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