Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT Concept by Luca Serafini


Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT Concept by Luca Serafini

Concept designer and digital artist Luca Serafini presents his futuristic supercar vision: Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT. As seen on the renders, the concept car is an homage to the 1970s 2+2 coupé sports car produced by the Italian manufacturer.

alfa romeo concept car

With its streamlined design, Luca Serafini’s Alfa Romeo concept car updates the car’s most striking feature – the four headlamps on the car’s front end. In the original version the headlights are partly covered by unusual grilles that retract when the lights are on. In the concept, the designer has decided to give them an update by dividing the grill and giving each set (headlights plus grill) their own little niche. of course, alfa romeo’s traditional triangular grill is still there.

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The Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT concept is Serafini’s take on a car that brings personal memories. “Back in 1986, my father bought a shiny orange Alfa Romeo Montreal,” comments the designer. “All original except the exhaust system, coming from ansa marmitte. I remember the night he came home with quite irregular V8. He was parking in rear in the garage. The smoke was surrounding and the first things I saw were red tail lights and chromed mufflers.”

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“As a young boy I can call it as the beginning for my growing love towards whole automotive world,” he continues. “Quite often I went downstairs to uncover the orange Alfa and see reflections, lines and shapes. Smelling leather interiors and act as a pro driver. Loved the concave steering wheel. Nowadays it’s not a unicorn classic but for me it was so.’

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“I can remember feelings when I was staring at it. Muscular dynamic and aggressive. Looking at it now I cannot feel the same when I was a kid. So it’s been almost 10 years that I wanted to give a quick look at the future and feel again those moments. And finally here it is, in a vision GT dress. It’s not about style choices or functional engineering. I tried to create subjectively something able to bring me back as a child. Something on four wheels that’s making you say wow! That’s what I call – design to recollect memories,” Luca Serafini concludes.

alfa romeo montreal vision gt concept

luca serafini concept

alfa romeo concept

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