Aston Martin Superb DB4 Inspired E-Bike for $6,500

Aston Martin Superb DB4 Inspired E-Bike for $6,500

While tiny electric bikes are gaining popularity, Aston Martin is back in our attention with a new surprising collaboration. This time they’ve teamed up with French e-bike maker Coleen to design a gorgeous DB4-inspired e-bike. Finished in Sanction Green, just like Aston Martin’s iconic racing green paint, this stylish e-bike is based on the company’s Composer model and also features a classic round white number plate on its frame.

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This bike was officially unveiled at CES a few weeks ago and easily won the crowd over with its beautiful mix of tech and heritage. The gorgeous look, inspired by the DB4, is complemented by the light weight 650b wheels, wrapped in Schwalbe 2″ wide tires. Add in the long battery life, coming from a 529 Wh removable battery, that takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge, and you get the perfect hybrid-esque commuter bike.

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But this e-bike is more than just good looks. It comes with a cool 3.2″ display, built right into the handlebars, that adds a modern touch to this bike. Coleen also designed an app that connects with the in-stem head unit to show you call and text notifications via Bluetooth, and this app also offers you geolocation, anti-theft services, or the ability to find your bike. You can even view your ride history.

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Coleen’s DB4-inspired bike also offers greaseless traction, a progressive hydraulic brake system, belt drive and a solid warranty: 2 years for the bike’s electronics and 7 years for the frame and fork. Priced at $6,500, the Composer DB4 e-bike takes form and function to new levels. Also we would recomend you to check twof our lists: the most expensive bicycles in the world and 10 amazing vintage bicycles.

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