Bauhaus Inspired, Subscription-Based Electric Vehicle Canoo

Bauhaus Inspired, Subscription-Based Electric Vehicle Canoo

With an approximate range of 250 miles per charge and a fast charging system capable of reaching 80% charge in less than 30 minutes, Los Angeles-based electric vehicle maker Canoo is hoping to convince car owners to ditch their gas-operated vehicles for a monthly subscription-based, seven seat electric-powered vehicle engineered to offer the spacious comforts of a SUV with the compact footprint of a compact car.

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The blunt-nosed, pill bug-shaped exterior conceived by BMW and Faraday Future alum Richard Kim has the appearance of a vehicle that could drive one way or the other, with dimensions prioritizing optimal interior space. The emphasis upon a low stance, high-mounted cabin also mirrors Kim’s previous work for the BMW i3 (and to a lesser extent, the aggressively low i8), enveloping riders in glass and with large uninterrupted surfaces to optimize view and extend perceptible space.

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At the heart of Canoo’s plans are a monthly subscription model purporting to offer everything one might need from a daily driver affordably (price TBD), covering services such as registration, maintenance, insurance management, and charging in a single price (all reviewable by app, of course.)

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modern electric car interior design

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The interior of the Canoo is equally decluttered, presenting a minimalist and spacious environment for riders to relax en route. Rather than forcing riders to use a proprietary in-dash infotainment and nav system, occupants are invited to engage with the vehicle’s non-driving features – navigation, music, or heating – using their own phone or tablet.

electric car interior design

monthly subscription-based vehicle

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As cheap city electric cars take foothold, automotive design will evolve to offer more spacious living room-like atmospheres, the product of EV platform’s “skateboard” architecture liberating space previously necessary for vehicles built upon fossil fuel operated drivetrains. The Canoo is designed upon a completely flat skateboard platform with the option for dual, front, or rear motor configurations, enabling optimal passenger space, most notably represented by the vehicle’s wraparound sofa-like seating.

Curiously, the Canoo’s skateboard design is a self-contained unit, which means any variety of cabin designs placed on top for future customization or design updates.

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Canoo is slated to launch in Los Angeles in 2021, so meanwhile you can always check best concept cars of largest automakers.

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