BMW’s Futuristic ‘Concept Link’ Electric Scooter


BMW's Futuristic 'Concept Link' Electric Scooter

BMW’s Concept Link electric scooter from 2017 is within a few months of becoming a super futuristic-looking production bike, and this new Definition CE 04 is the last time we’ll see it without mirrors and a license plate. This whole project takes BMW’s angular, modular, layered design approach and pushes it into sci-fi territory in search of a smart, connected city commuting machine with sharp handling and a punchy electric motor.

futuristic bike

The battery pack – specified for somewhere around 120 km (75 mi) of range – sits low and flat, and the motor and belt drive system are pretty compact, so from the outset, the team had pretty much free reign to design something remarkable and challenging.

futuristic BMW bike

Hence, the long, flat, one-size-fits all seat, the odd underseat storage bin, the vast wheelbase and single-sided swingarm and the angular, almost sporty looking front fairing over a sawn-off front fender.

underseat storage bin

The Link’s weirdest feature remains thus far: connected clothing that talks to the bike, allowing your jacket to light up and act as a brake light augmentation. This jacket also has its own powerbank built in, with the capability of wirelessly charging your phone when it’s in the pocket, and that’s another nice touch. It’s lightly armored and designed to be worn on and off the bike. While we’re waiting for its producing be sure to check 10 smallest folding electric bikes available for sale.

bike jacket

BMW jacket

electric scooter

BMW's Concept Link

BMW's Concept Link electric scooter

futuristic scooter

futuristic BMW bike

BMW electric scooter

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