Custom-Built Retro Style BMW R18 Motorcycle


Custom-Built Retro Style BMW R18 Motorcycle

Blechmann has customized BMW’s recently launched cruiser, the R18. And what a stunning customization it is! Designer Bernhard “Blechmann” Naumann of Austria has left no stone unturned in creating this neo-retro design that is sure to turn heads around.

bmw motorcycles retro

Taking almost 450 hours to build it, Blechmann doesn’t start his customizations with sketches or drawings per se. Rather, he dives directly into the build with the final material keeping a keen eye on proportions and meticulously crafting his artwork. He calls it “rapid prototyping – Blechmann style”. And the results are surely out of this world! Called the “Blechmann R18”, this custom job keeps the original frame and the mounting points of the stock BMW R18 as is, while adding a beautiful full fairing which emphasizes the underlying heritage design of the base model. The final rendering is a narrower, sportier, and more extravagant piece of handiwork. Not to forget, the eye-catching headlights which are inspired by the iconic kidney-shaped grills of BMW and the sleek black paint job adorned with classic BMW Motorrad white pin-stripes.

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bmw bike custom

bmw retro motorcycle

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The Blechmann R18 is a silent beast that tends to slow down time in its wake. Also don’t forget to check the best vintage motorcycles.

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retro bmw bike

retro bmw motorcycles

bmw r18 retro custom

bmw retro bike

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