Czinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar Hits 60MPH In 1.8 Seconds


Czinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar Hits 60MPH In 1.8 Seconds

The start of the year has already become rife with important automotive news, including, but not limited to, the announcement of a handful of new supercars and hypercars. The most recent in this high-strung docket is the Czinger 21C Hybrid – a sleek, sensual vehicle that looks to challenge the industry’s most prolific front runners.

czinger 21c hybrid hypercar

Los Angeles’ Czinger is fairly new to the world of automotive superiority, but with an initial showing of the 21C slated for next month’s Geneva Motor Show, it won’t be long before news of the industry’s next big supercar will ignite the consumer base. The vehicle has already gifted the auto world with some pretty tremendous details, including a 1,233-horsepower powertrain that’s been rated to carry the car from 0-62 in just 1.9-seconds.

hybrid sports car

Aside from its sub-two-second benchmark, the 21C boasts one a handsome design terminology that pays homage to the sleek, less-than-subtle curvature that we’ve seen in many contemporary models. Its shadowy silhouette houses a large aerodynamic wing at its rear, length-running LED taillights to outline its curvacious “trunk,” and an intriguing, ventilated side profile that solicits imagery of the genre’s established supercars. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the 21C in the coming months. Meanwhile be sure to check 15 fastest cars in the world and 10 most expensive cars in the world.

carbon fiber sports car

hybrid hypercar

carbon fiber cars wheel

czinger hybrid hypercar

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