Electric Motorcycle Pocket Rocket by Sol Motors


Electric Motorcycle Pocket Rocket by Sol Motors

Sol Motors is a German company based in Stuttgart, and this year they received GERMAN DESIGN AWARD as a recognition to this contemporary electric vehicle design. It stands out from the crowd not just because its exterior body design but also due to its innovative synergy of lightweight design, performance, and connectivity. This motorbike cleverly integrates function with creating clutter of additional parts, a modern contemporary design that fits urban lifestyle. Designed by Manuel Messmer and engineered by SOL Motors, Pocket Rocket is definitely different from its competitors on the market. It is structurally and functionally efficient by incorporating technology with a functional lifestyle. This concept motorbike aims to deliver emotional driving experience . Featuring minimalist frame with tube shaped body, this bike looks very unique but we don’t see any direction lights. Hopefully they can release more details soon. Meanwhile be sure to check 10 world’s fastest motorcycles


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