Ferox Azaris 6 Wheel Off-Road Vehicle


Ferox Azaris 6 Wheel Off-Road Vehicle

Western Australia-based Ferox is a company that creates unique, advanced vehicles. Take the Ferox Azaris six-wheeled off-road vehicle, for instance. The Ferox Azaris is essentially the lovechild of an Ariel Atom, Radical SR3 or KTM X-Bow and an ATV. The design is entirely its own, and the construction and powertrain are no different. The Azaris has four in-wheel motors and a fluid drive system that uses ports, gates and fluid dynamics to turn the wheels. That unique, multi-wheel, fluid drive system is powered by either a combustion engine or an electric motor depending on your preference and power requirements. When it comes to keeping the six wheels on the ground – regardless of terrain – look no further than the unique rocker suspension and mounting hardware inspired by the DNA double helix. Unfortunately, the Ferox Azaris is only a fully operating prototype at this point, so no word on pricing or availability. And be sure to check more all-terrain vehicles.

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