First Electric Bicycle from Harley-Davidson – Serial 1

First Electric Bicycle from Harley-Davidson - Serial 1

Harley-Davidson unveiled a stunning new electric bike that it says will go on sale in March 2021. And the motorcycle manufacturer is also spinning out its e-bike division as a separate company called Serial 1 Cycle. The name Serial 1 is a reference to “Serial Number One,” the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s oldest known motorcycle built in 1903. The bike’s design, with its white tires, leather saddle and handgrips, and sleek black frame, are meant to harken back to that first prototype.

harley davidson bicycle

Harley-Davidson wouldn’t offer up any specs, so we can only speculate on power levels, battery size, range, and price. Just based on the photos, Serial 1 has a mid-drive motor, a belt drive system (possibly a Gates Carbon system that is known to be long lasting), a frame-integrated battery, frame-integrated headlight and taillights, and a leather accents. Also we would like to recommend you to check 10 amazing vintage bicycles and 35 Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmets.

harley davidson e bicycle

harley davidson bicycle with motor

harley davidson electric bicycle

harley davidson motorized bicycle

harley davidson vintage electric bicycle

vintage harley davidson bicycle

vintage electric bicycle

harley davidson bicycle vintage

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