Futuristic Concept Car Renault Project XY-2 by Hawon Jang

Futuristic Concept Car Renault Project XY-2 by Hawon Jang

This elegant concept is the “Renault Project XY-2”, Hawon Jang recognized the societal change that autonomous sharing cars may introduce; where strangers meet and are accompanied on their journeys. And Project XY-2 features a rather unique and unexpected secondary function – it has been designed to assist in the daunting dating process! This has been achieved through a progressive meeting process; for the first section of the journey the passengers will find themselves on a blind-date and only able to communicate vocally through the partition that separates them. As the journey progresses, so does their date! Once they have been aquatinted with one another, their seats will slide backwards towards the rear of the vehicle where the partition has been removed and they will be introduced to each other properly! Great idea! And be sure to check best concept cars of largest automakers.

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renault project xy-2

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project xy-2 plan

concept car image

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  1. Beautiful design and shape. A sculpture on wheels..This concept is an inspiration with high hopes of becoming a real vehicle.

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