Futuristic ‘Drakkar S’ Yacht Concept with AI Navigation System


Futuristic 'Drakkar S' Yacht Concept with AI Navigation System

Aspiring sailors will be able to leave the dock soon than expected with the Drakkar S Smartyacht design by Max Zhivov. The 85-foot concept is equipped with an autopilot system that is controlled by artificial intelligence technology, eliminating the need for an experienced captain. It’s all operated by an app on your smartphone where owners can pick a location, and the vessel will set the course. While sailing, the boat will approach a berth at the right distance for mooring and identify surfaces or underwater obstacles by itself.

futuristic yachts

Although the technology is futuristic, the yacht design is inspired by ancient Viking ships, even using the Norwegian word for “dragon ships” as its name. An electric motor powered by solar panels will propel the yacht while the interior provides two master cabins, two guest cabins, and a spacious salon. Also be sure to check 10 most expensive luxury yachts.

futuristic yacht design

futuristic yacht

wooden yacht interior design

app controlled yacht concept

futuristic yacht concept

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