Futuristic Harley Custom Bike from Smoked Garage


Futuristic Harley Custom Bike from Smoked Garage

This incredible Harley custom from Smoked Garage was commissioned by the organizers of the huge Suryanation Motorland event in Jakarta, one of the biggest custom shows in the East. The brief was simple: blow the collective socks off the thousands of visitors. “We had a phone call from Suryanation asking if we wanted to build an ‘iconic motorcycle’,” says founder of Smoked Garage Nicko Eigert. “We had to show what we thought such a bike should look like in 2019, so we designed a ‘neo board tracker’ – and they agreed to the concept.”

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The chosen donor was a Harley-Davidson Softail. But not much is left of this all-American bike – essentially just the ‘Evolution’ 1340 cc engine, which pumps out a solid 76 pound-feet of torque in stock form. The curved frame cradle looks suitably futuristic, as does the hardtail setup.

futuristic harley davidson

The wheels run on ingenious hollow hubs, which have allowed Smoked to get an unusual ‘Tron bike’ look. The wheels are lit by an LED system; with more time, it would be possible to program these to show what speed the bike is moving at, or change according to its cornering angle.

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futuristic bike

Everything on ‘Spirit’ is custom-made, down to the 26-inch wheel rims shod with Shinko 777 cruiser rubber. The discs, attached to the hubs, are around 20 inches in diameter, with two at the front and one at the back. The front calipers are custom made.

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The enclosed front suspension is a simple girder setup, with a part-hidden Fox monoshock for damping. Since the bike is a hardtail, Nicko’s team added a linkage-based suspension system to the one-off seat—which works perfectly with the retro-futuristic vibe. The clip-ons are one offs, and fitted with Brembo controls and hardware. The grips are Smoked Garage’s own proprietary items, and the foot controls were specially made for the bike.

harley davidson custom bike

harley davidson motorcycles custom bikes

futuristic harley

The Indonesian custom industry is famed for its skills, but this is something else entirely. And believe it or not, it’s rideable too. “It’s actually quite comfortable, considering the length of the bike and the weight,” says Nicko. “It does love to go in a straight line…” Also we would recommend you to check other incredible custom bike and the list of the best vintage motorcycles.

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