Futuristic White Electric Bike Inspired by Stormtrooper Helmet


Futuristic White Electric Bike Inspired by Stormtrooper Helmet

This Tron-like electric bike with hints of stormtrooper helmet (check 15most creative motorcycle helmet design) inspiration was designed by EPTA Design. Ideated in 2014, the Space Frame electric motorcycle traverses one to the realms of a future where form and function are in perfect cohesion.

futuristic white electric bike

The use of a lightweight yet structurally tough unibody metal frame that’s juxtaposed with the trimmed down aesthetics gives the ride its distinct character. The broad wheels with huge suspension units on both the wheels give a sense of assurance that one can reach hair-raising speeds, spurring to go even faster. The bike has a high center of gravity and a hunched forward driving position – perfect for a race circuit sprint to the finish line. Take the Space Frame electric bike for a drag race and it won’t disappoint either!

Overall the EPTA’s conceptualization is level-headed, giving the motorcycle flexibility to be a street-legal ride as well as something you would bet your money on for topping a speed record sprint in the Mojave desert. The elongated frame makes the Space Frame ideal for a balanced presence on the road both visually and dynamics wise. Also don’t forget to check 10 world’s fastest motorcycles and .

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