Gunther Werks Reveals Porsche 993 Speedster Remastered


Gunther Werks Reveals Porsche 993 Speedster Remastered

One of the rarest Porsches ever is the 993 series Speedster – only two genuine units were built. This is a problem, as the 993 is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the 911, the last of the air-cooled flat-sixes. Gunther Werks specializes in the 993, continuing to develop the engine and chassis and extracting modern super car levels of performance from the platform.

porsche 993 tuning

Gunther Werks next project is a natural evolution of their work: A 993-based Speedster. Blending elements from the RS racing-spec 911s, the 933 Speedster sits low and wide with aggressive wheel flares to cover Fuchs-style forged wheels. Under the rear bonnet is a 4-liter, air-cooled flat-six, and the interior is constructed from weather-proof materials – a detachable roof can be deleted during the build process. Carbon fiber body panels and modern electronics round out the package. Only 25 units will be built, starting in early 2022.

porsche 993 speedster tuning

porsche 993 speedster remastering

porsche 993 speedster remastered

porsche 993 remastering

porsche 993 remastered

porsche remastered

porsche remastering

porsche tuning

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