Helicopter-Inspired 19_19 Concept Car from Citroen


Helicopter-Inspired 19_19 Concept Car from Citroen

Some time ago we’ve shown you creative concept car from Citroen. Today we want to show you another one. Featuring 30-inch wheels, a dettatched cabin, and screenless dash, Citroen’s new 19_19 concept is unusual to say the least. Revealed as part of the company’s centenary celebrations, the car showcases the company’s future interiors technology. Inspired by aviation, Citroen took it’s re-2 helicopter as a reference, a model they developed in the seventies but declined to put into series production. As a result, the cabin, which looks as though it is entirely made of glass, sits apart from its set of oversized 30 inch wheels allowing passengers a higher view of the road.

citroen concept

Developed in collaboration with Goodyear, the wheels are wrapped in aerodynamic mudguards, that move independently of the body. They are equipped with sensors that monitor road and weather conditions and transmit the data to the drivetrain. The 19_19 is similar in size to a midsize SUV, at 4655 mm long, 2240 mm wide and 1600 mm high. A subframe showcases the electric drivetrain and a new, modified version of citroen’s progressive hydraulic cushion suspension. With no bumpers featured in the design, the axles are also on show, housing the 19_19’s pair of electric motors.

futuristic citroen

futuristic concept car

citroen crossover concept

C itroen calls the 19_19 a "true living room on wheels", with an interior designed to feel like an extension of the passenger’s home. The driver’s seat offers a hyper-intuitive experience with simplified controls. It features a raw, protective structure home to a soft and enveloping ultra-comfort seat, like a broad and thick cushion grafted on to the structure. In a contemporary note, the back of the seat and the oversized and sonified head rest are scooped out.

citroen concept car interior

citroen concept car cockpit

citroen concept car inside

19_19 citroen concept car

N ext to them, a front passenger seat is dedicated to travel and relaxation. A semi-reclined, chaise longue is equipped with a motorised lifting foot rest. Rear-seat passengers can rest their heads on a hammock-style trellis of red elastic fabrics laid out in a chevron shape. The rear-seat is a cosy corner featuring its own sound bubble, to isolate passengers if they choose. The cocoon spirit is underscored by the micro-perforated trim covering the rear area, enabling occupants to see outside but not be seen.

concept car citroen

A 100kwh battery pack and its dual motors produce a combined 340kw (456bhp) and 800nm of torque. According to citroen, this would be enough for a top speed of 124mph and a 0-62mph of five seconds. one full charge would take it up to 800km (497 miles) under the WLTP testing regime.

citroen van concept

citroen concept cars

I t’s also equipped with induction charging for the day roads feature such technology. Whilst the 19_19 is not designed as a fully autonomous vehicle, citroen says the car will take over driving operation in certain situations, including on highways or in traffic jams. And don’t forget to check best concept cars of largest automakers.

citroen concept cars 2019

citroen concept car

citroen concept 2019

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