Hyper-Sub MSV – Speedboat and Personal Submarine in One


Hyper-Sub MSV - Speedboat and Personal Submarine in One

The HyperSub MSV is described as a “multipurpose sub-sea vehicle,” as what happens when a speedboat meets submersible. Developed by HSP Technologies, it can smoothly coast over water, dock like a regular boat, and the capability to submerge itself up to 500-feet underwater. “It’s powered by twin 480-horsepower diesel engines, giving it the ability to travel up to 35mph over the water, and – for underwater travel – has dual 60-horsepower Innerspace thrusters (giving it a total of 1,080 horsepower). It also boasts a 500-mile range, features a wealth of modular equipment for the utmost in customization, and offers up to 96 hours of underwater life support.” Meanwhile you can check other amazing speed boats: 10 The Fastest Speed Boats In The World.


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