Innovative T.50 Light Weight Supercar with 654-Horsepower Engine


Innovative T.50 Light Weight Supercar with 654-Horsepower Engine

The McLaren F1 rewrote the book on what was possible in a street-legal car when it hit the road in 1992 and is still considered one of the best-performing cars of all time. Gordon Murray, the man who designed the F1, is back with the T.50, which is as innovative and inspired as its predecessor. The heart of the T.50 is its mid-mounted 4-liter Cosworth V12, making 653 horsepower and screaming to an F1-like 12,500 RPMs. Look elsewhere for semi-automatic transmissions and paddle shifters: the T.50 has an H-pattern six-speed that requires the use of your left foot.

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Extensive aerodynamics don’t interfere with the clean design, free of wings and splitters that have become commonplace, while a 400mm fan at the rear increases downforce and power. A central driving position with two outboard passenger seats recalls the iconic layout of the F1. 100 T.50s will be made, and each one is sure to be an instant classic.

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