Jannarelly Design-1 UK Edition Sports Car

Jannarelly Design-1 UK Edition Sports Car

Take the iconic British and Italian sports car designs of the 50’s and 60’s and combine that with modern engineering, materials, and engine, and you have the Jannarelly Design-1. Founded in Dubai by Anthony Jannarelly, the Design-1 is a throwback to the raw driving feel of classic roadsters. Using a 3.5-liter Nissan V6 making 325 horsepower, the Design-1 can sprint from 0-60 in under four seconds and is extremely customizable, with options ranging from carbon fiber panels to roofless roadster-style bodywork.

anthony jannarelly design

Weighing only 1,700 pounds, the flyweight has a razor-sharp chassis that won’t let the looks down when you’re on the road. The Design-1 UK Edition pays homage to the birthplace of the lightweight two-seater with a bevy of custom colors, Union Jack decal, and a UK Edition plaque. Also we recommend you to check 10 most expensive cars in the world and 15 most beautiful cars of all time.

jannarelly sports car

jannarelly design 1

jannarelly design 1 pictures

jannarelly roadster car

jannarelly roadster

jannarelly design 1 roadster

jannarelly design one

jannarelly car

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