Katalis EV.1000 the Arsenale WWII Style Electric Motorcycle

Katalis EV.1000 the Arsenale WWII Style Electric Motorcycle

The Katallis EV.500 motorcycle was an electric motorcycle that looked like some combination of modern motoring technology and old-school WWII style. To this day, the Katallis EV.500 remains one of favorite looking bikes, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the new Katalis EV.1000 The Arsenale Special Edition Electric Motorcyle you see here.

wwii style vintage motorcycle

Like it’s predecessor, this bike effortlessly blends vintage, old-school style with modern technology… but every aspect of that is better than it was before. Brushless hub motor with 1000 watts of power output. A 48V 45Ah battery. Controller with 48-72 Volt controller. 90km (56 miles) max range. 80 km/h (43-50 mph) top speed. Pair those features and specs with blocked out wheels, old-school flipper switches, and an incredibly sleek, rocket-style exterior that might not be all that comfortable but is a helluva good-looking ride anyway. Also be sure to check the best vintage motorcycles and 10 smallest folding electric mini bikes.

vintage electric motorcycle

wwii style vintage bike

wwii style electric motorcycle

vintage black bike

katalis electric bike

wwii style electric bike

old-school wwii style motorcycle

wwii style e-bike

modern vintage motorcycle

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