Kawasaki Ninja 650 ‘Moto 12’ By Droog Moto


Kawasaki Ninja 650 ‘Moto 12’ By Droog Moto

Customizing a bike is no easy feat. But they’re all the more impressive when they go through a comprehensive transformation – making the end result nearly unrecognizable when compared to the stock motorcycle. That’s exactly the case with the urbanized desert sled you see before you, as the ‘Moto 12’ from Droog Moto actually started its life as a Kawasaki Ninja 650. For those unfamiliar, the Ninja is a fabled street performance bike that perhaps looks most at home on a groomed racetrack. And that’s a far cry from the monster-mobile that is the ‘Moto 12.’ Its alterations are extensive and range from a front end and handlebar conversion to a new custom subframe, exhaust, and radiator upgrade. This brutal bike also got new solid wheel inserts, an electronic speedometer, new LED lighting, and a custom distressed paint job. And while we can appreciate this bike as a piece of functional art, we’re also floored by the fact that it’s up for sale – meaning you can stash it in your garage for the impending apocalypse. And don’t forget to check 10 fastest motorcycles in the world.


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