Kromwork’s ‘Precious Metal’ ’47 Boardtracker Harley Davidson


Kromwork's 'Precious Metal' '47 Boardtracker Harley Davidson

Kromwork has created stunning custom bike from a 1947 Harley Davidson WLA. “This bike was created as an iconic bike for Suryanation Motorland which is one of prestigious customised bike events in Indonesia. I built this bike with my friend; his name is Lufti Ardika. We name this bike “Tosan Adjie” which was derived from ancient Javanese language that means Precious Metal,” explains Andika Pratama. “Yes, some countries have been the barometers, besides I keep myself updated with the latest trend from Japan and Europe. But I do not really copy others’ designs. That is why I designed this bike using my own imagination.” Take a look! And don’t forget to check 10 fastests motorcycles in the world.


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