Luxurious as Always – New 2019 Bentley Continental GTC


Luxurious as Always  - New 2019 Bentley Continental GTC

Unveiled slightly more than a year ago, the third generation of the Bentley Continental GT took the world by storm with an all-new look, blending seducing body lines and heart-stopping performance with all sorts of interesting innovations that made us fall in love with this luxury gt supercar once again.

bentley continental gtc 2019

Simply called the Bentley Continental GTC, this beauty chips the roof and goes for a canvas top, which is activated by an all new mechanism, with a Z-Fold action that’s capable of retracting the canvas roof in just 19 seconds at speed of up to 48 km/h. Its noise was dampened by 3 decibels and future customers will be able to choose between 7 different fabrics for this top. Of course, the GTC version has a little bit more weight than the GT (160 kg to be more precise), but it’s expected to perform as well as the coupe.

2019 bentley continental gtc

bentley continental gt

bentley continental

Outside, there aren’t too many differences between these two supercars; besides the roof, of course. You might see a subtle difference in the back, where the topless version ditched the rear spoiler from the coupe and its rear lip is slightly larger to generate more downforce. Other than that, the GTC and the GT are nearly identical, even in terms of performances.

bentley continental gt 2019

The Continental GTC is powered by the same 6.0 litre W12, a massive engine that’s able to produce 600 hp and 900 Nm of torque. But despite the weight disadvantage, the GTC still goes from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 3.8 seconds, which is just 0.1 seconds slower than the GT. The car’s top speed is 333 km/h (207 mph), just like the Bentley Continental GT.

bentley continental gtc cockpit

bentley continental gtc inside

bentley continental gtc interior

bentley continental images

We don’t know the exact pricing details yet, but you can expect a premium of 10 % for the GTC. Deliveries should start in just a few months. And meanwhile please check TOP 10 most expensive cars in the world.

new bentley continental gtc

2019 continental gt bentley

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