Luxury ‘MM.01’ Package: Electric Superbike, Biker Suit and Carbon Fibre Helmet


Luxury 'MM.01' Package: Electric Superbike, Biker Suit and Carbon Fibre Helmet

In collaboration between creative studios, the Mighty Machines has developed a bespoke suit specifically designed for motorcyclists. Launched together with the “Sarolea” electric motorbike, the “MM.01” project combines a finely-tailored suit with integral road protection from café costume, a designer helmet and the traditionally crafted studio blade knife. In an effort to combine quality craftsmanship with innovative design, the team intends to form an exclusive lifestyle brand.

modern biker suit

Over a period of 2 years, the Antwerp-based design team consisting of Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, Jean-Paul Delmé, Philippe Stella and Joop Wanten, brought their vision of motorcycle fashion and accessories. The luxury “MM.01” package comprises of three different elements: the “Sarolea” electric bike, the café costume “biker suit”, the heroine MM.01 designer helmet and the traditionally crafted studio blade knife. These elements blend seamlessly together thanks to the sleek black and accents of orange that characterize the project and help provide an overall identity.

electric superbike

The primary focus of the project comes from the Belgian motorcycle brand, Sarolea. The “N60 MM.01” model is a fully electric bike that includes power of 120kW ( 163HP), a driving range of 330 kilometers and a speed of 100 km/h within 3 seconds – all controlled by the artificial intelligence of WAIZU – the automotive platform developed from a cooperation between sarolea, ML6 from Ghent and Google.

modern electric superbike

The bespoke suit, created by Café Costume, introduces a tailored suit into the contemporary street scene. With it’s classic lines, the design allows users to go from the road straight to the office, without compromising on the necessary protection a traditional suit would provide.

The heroine MM.01 helmet, envisioned by Hedon Helmets aims to perfectly accompany the bike and the suit with its sleek black carbon fibre form.

modern carbon fibre helmet

And finally, “Studio Blade” offers an everyday carry knive made from carbon fiber, titanium, as well as high-quality damascus steel, shot through with the profile made by electric waves. And don’t forget to check 10 world’s fastest motorcycles.

modern damascus steel knife

electric motorcycle

electric orange bike

electric superbike motorcycle

modern electric motorcycle

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