Mightyseed Vespa 98 Electric Scooter Concept


Mightyseed Vespa 98 Electric Scooter Concept

Piaggio’s Vespa scooter has been a design icon since its release in 1946, becoming a style accessory in its own right with adoring fans all over the world. Several generations later, the Vespa is still in production with a range of models, but India-based design firm Mightyseed has come up with an electric revamp of the classic scooter that brings it firmly into the modern.

vespa electric scooter

The smooth, minimalist look of Mightyseed’s Vespa 98 concept is immediately identifiable as a Vespa, with wheel fairings and a fender-mounted headlight. LED strip lights on the handlebars and a LIDAR system instead of rearview mirrors to alert the rider are welcome additions, while power comes from a 30 aH lithium-ion battery and hub-mounted motor allowing for storage under the seat. Also don’t forget to check 10 smallest folding electric mini bikes.

newest vespa 98

electric scooter vespa

new vespa 98 electric scooter

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