New Buick Unveils Electra EV SUV Concept in China


New Buick Unveils Electra EV SUV Concept in China

Continuing its investment into an electrical future, American automaker Buick has unveiled its latest concept EV: a crossover bearing the company’s iconic Electra name, which was used for another range between 1959 and 1990.

new buick suv

Designed by a studio in Shanghai, Buick says that the new Electra is inspired by space capsules, featuring a glass pod-like cabin, sculpted body panels, and LED lights with a 3D effect on the front fascia. Butterfly doors serve to extend the futuristic aesthetic, while the interior stays consistent with a rectangular steering wheel and a wide curved screen acting as both dashboard and console. While the EV is just a concept, the brand also says that it employed a specific design language it calls “Potential Energy,” which will also be adopted in most production EVs releasing within this new decade.

buick new suv

buick unveils electra ev suv concept car

buick concept car

As for its performance, the electric car utilizes a two-motor powertrain capable of pushing 583 horsepower to all four wheels, translating to a 0-60 mph time of just 4.3 seconds. Using GM’s proprietary Ultium battery technology, the Electra also boasts a 410-mile range per charge. At the moment this is just a concept so we would recommend you to check the best luxury SUVs.

new buick crossover suv concept

new suv buick

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