New Hyundai Prophecy Concept Car Driven With a Pair of Joysticks


New Hyundai Prophecy Concept Car Driven With a Pair of Joysticks

Automaker Hyundai has unveiled its latest Prophecy concept car, produced with the aim of creating a minimalist, clutter-free experience for drivers – a principle the company calls “Optimistic Futurism.”

futuristic electric concept car

The brand boldly claims the sporty silhouette of the concept, combined with its short overhangs and prominent rear fascia, creates the “ultimate automotive form.” The showcar rides on a new platform for electric vehicles, which allows for the use of “pristine surfaces and pure volume in combination with aesthetic harmony and functionality.”

hyundai concept cars

new hyundai concept car

hyundai concept car 2020

hyundai concept car

hyundai prophecy concept car

“We have brought to life yet another icon that establishes a new standard for the EV segment as well as pushing Hyundai’s design vision to even broader horizons,” SangYup Lee, director of Hyundai’s design center, comments. “A part of that expansion is what we call Optimistic Futurism, a design concept embodied by Prophecy. With Optimistic Futurism, our aim is to forge an emotional connection between humans and automobiles.”

futuristic electric vehicle interior design

The Prophecy is envisioned as an autonomous machine and there’s no traditional steering wheel inside the cabin. Instead, there’s a pair of joysticks that provide “a completely new yet reassuringly familiar and intuitive driving experience.” This advanced human-machine interface also allows the driver to control other functions of the car easily and safely, claims the automaker.

futuristic car interior design

Being a modern concept car, the Prophecy is, of course, full of screens. There’s a dashboard-spanning screen up front, and the rest of the interior is actually ringed with screens, too. What’s more, the dashboard also flips up to reveal another smaller screen underneath.

hyundai prophecy concept car interior design

joystick steering system

modern electric concept car

modern ergonomic seats

Of course, as a highly futuristic concept car, we don’t expect to see the Prophecy in the production line any time soon (or ever), but it’s nonetheless an interesting indicator of where Hyundai will take its cars next. But you can always check other best concept cars or 15 most beautiful cars of all time.

hyundai concept sports car

pixelated headlights

pixelated taillights

futuristic electric vehicle

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