New McLaren 720S Spider Forged Carbon By Novitec


New McLaren 720S Spider Forged Carbon By Novitec

Novitec has announced the launch of some major upgrades for the McLaren 720S Spider with the launch of its new Novitec McLaren 720S Spider Forged carbon. The McLaren 720S Spider gets a number of upgrades including hi tech forged weeks and some performance upgrades which give the car 806 horsepower and 878 Nm of torque.

mclaren 720s spider carbon

Novitec gives the front of the 720S Spider a striking facelift: the production bumper is complemented with a front spoiler, front blade and side flaps, which reduce front-axle lift at high speeds. The thrilling appearance is rounded off with the Novitec forged carbon inserts for the headlamps, the N-LARGO trunk lid and the forged carbon housings for the side mirrors.

2019 mclaren 720s

Novitec carbon rocker panels upgrade the sides of the 720S Spider. They continue the racing look consistently. The aerodynamic fine-tuning the Novitec way also includes new covers for the side air intakes on both sides of the vehicle. They route the airflow even more precisely into the vents behind the two doors, which provide the engine with breathing and cooling air. Also be sure to check 10 most expensive cars in the world.

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mclaren 720s spider carbon interior

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2019 mclaren

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mclaren 720s spider forged carbon

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mclaren 720s spider

mclaren carbon fiber sports car

new mclaren 720s

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