Newest Futuristic Koenigsegg RAW Concept Car by Esa Mustonen


Newest Futuristic Koenigsegg RAW Concept Car by Esa Mustonen

Although you might never see an “entry-level” supercar from Swedish automaker Koenigsegg, Lahti Institute of Design student Esa Mustonen has rendered what one might actually look like. But this isn’t some rogue project. Mustonen worked on his graduation thesis project in collaboration with Koenigsegg and the RAW Design House under the supervision of Christian von Koenigsegg, himself. The car shows off what a futuristic car would look like under the RAW sub-brand. It might not have the fluidity of the Koenigsegg lineup, but it happens to take the design language in a different direction with slab panels, flow-through architecture, jet-fighter afterburner cues, and simple light signatures.

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The concept car also boasts a big squared-off front fascia framed by LED strip lighting, rear-hinged dihedral synchro helix doors, and the iconic Koenigsegg twin bubble roof. Inside, a unique three-seat configuration harkens back to the McLaren F1, while retractable twin screens provide infotainment and car data. While it is just a design exercise, we’d love to see this beauty make it to production someday. Also don’t forget to check 10 most expensive cars in the world.

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