Newest Lamborghini Pura SuperVeloce Concept 2022

Newest Lamborghini Pura SuperVeloce Concept 2022

The Lamborghini ‘Pura’ Concept designed by Fernando Pastre Fertonani is an all-electric supersports concept car, which aims a new surface study inspired by the brand heritage and the iconic models like the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Lamborghini Diablo. Clean, elegant and extreme, this concept features the iconic and classic Lamborghini lines, combined with innovation and sensuality. The hidden glasses merged with the body paint, can only be seen through from the inside, it creates a solid and unique body appearance. It is powered with 2 electric motors in the standard version and 4 motors in the SuperVeloce. The name ‘Pura’ means ‘Pure’, and it stands for the essence of Lamborghini lines and feelings brought by this concept, making you travel through the years while riding the best of the best. The SuperVeloce version brings a more aggressive design, merging new carbon fiber black front and rear with the colored carbon fiber body, in yellow, green and white. Impressed? – see more new concepts cars.


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