Novitec McLaren 600LT Performance Kit


Novitec McLaren 600LT Performance Kit

German tuner Novitec made one of the fastest cars in the world – McLaren 600LT – even better with their range of exclusive performance parts. Novitec’s Stage Two engine kit, with its in-house plug-and-play ECU modules and stainless steel exhaust, adds nearly 100 horsepower for a total of 688, lowering 0-60 times to 2.8 seconds and increasing top speed to 206. This range-topping tune is called Performance Stage 2.

novitec mclaren

car tuning mclaren

mclaren 600lt tuned

Also Novitec also fits its 600LT with a set of sport springs that drop the supercar 30 millimeters (1.2 inches) all around. A range of Vossen wheels are available, using a staggered setup with 20-inchers in front and 21-inch-diameter rims at the back.

novitec mclaren 600lt

mclaren tuning

Exterior enhancements are tastefully mild. Up front is a Novitec hood for the front cargo space that adds distinctive aggression to the supercar’s nose. At the rear, Novitec offers a two-piece carbon airbox that helps feed cool air to the tuned mill. Inside, 600LT owners can choose from a variety of Alcantara and leather options to spec-up the greenhouse however they like.

newest mclaren model

mclaren 600lt interior

Available for both the Coupe and Spider, Novitec keeps improving on the best the world has to offer. Also you might be interested in top 10 most expensive cars in the world.

novitec mclaren 600lt performance kit

new mclaren

mclaren 600lt tuning

600lt mclaren

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