Pure-Electric Gran Coupe 2020 BMW Concept i4


Pure-Electric Gran Coupe 2020 BMW Concept i4

Golden in shape, sportiness and sustainability, the BMW Concept i4 debuts to define their first pure-electric gran coupe. With production scheduled to start in 2021, it previews the eagerly awaited i4 as well as a new take of the brand’s renowned sheer driving pleasure. It also reveals several unique exterior and interior details that will soon influence – and feature – in BMW’s electrically-powered cars in the future. The result is a concept that unites modern, dynamic styling with four-door spaciousness and functionality.

Especially from its side view, the BMW Concept i4 evokes a confident character. Its long wheelbase, sloping roofline and short overhangs pen perfect gran coupe proportions. Crisp, sculpted lines then help define a smoothly contoured body, which further highlights the brand’s current focus on clear surfacing. As a reference to the pioneering vision iNEXT, the concept is coated in a frozen light copper exterior paint that contrasts dramatically with blue elements at the front end, flank and rear end – a hint to its electric, BMW i origins.

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As well as its reinterpreted classic four-eyed headlights, the car has a visually powerful face thanks to its prominent kidney grille which references the concept 4 and other past and future BMWs. The closed-off grille not only aids aerodynamics and battery range but also acts as an intelligence panel to house its sensors. at the rear, its broad body is emphasized by its highly sculpted, horizontally-orientated surfaces. Inward-angled surfaces form aerodynamic-enhancing lips below the long, slim L-shaped rear lights. then unique lightweight wheel rims, which continue the exterior’s golden color, complete the design.

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Despite its gran coupe profile, the concept offers a high level of everyday practicality with an interior that is much larger than the proportions suggest. Every element in the front of the cabin is tailored towards the driver. to start, the new curved display – with non-reflective glass – merges the information and controls into a single unit that encompasses a large proportion of the front. components, such as the air vents and speakers, are almost invisibly integrated into the architecture and concealed behind strong patterns. Other elements, like the idrive controller and seat memory buttons in the doors, are finished in a centerpiece crystal glass. Ambient lighting then accents the dashboard, doors and display.

bmw concept car interior design

bmw concept car interior cockpit

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fifth-generation bmw edrive technology

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The interior’s pared-back design, coupled with the architecture’s borderless form, exudes a very modern and sophisticated appearance. Warm gold bronze accent strips combine with light palette forms of cloth and leather – made from microfiber tanned using olive leaf – to exemplify its high quality, sustainable finish. The interior’s clearly structured, bright and airy character is highlighted most in the generously-sized rear compartment. With its dynamic cut-out, head restraints create a sporty impression whilst the seats unite to create a lounge-like feel.

ultra-wide display

Within, the concept showcases all-new developments from BMW for the motor, electronics, charging unit and battery. This fifth-generation BMW edrive technology ensures a range of 373 miles (600 km) and an output of 530 hp. it propels the car from 0-62 mph in 4 seconds and to a top speed in excess of 124 mph. There are three electric drive experience modes: core, sport and efficient. “Core” transfigures the display into four widgets of settings that can be adapted to the driver’s preferences; “Sport” realigns the widgets into a focused bar in front of a display that anticipates the drive by showing, for example, how tight the next corner is; and “efficient” debuts their “assisted driving view” that shows what the car’s sensors are detecting. Also don’t forget to check 10 most expensive cars in the world and best concept card from largest automakers.

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