The Rarest Ferrari Ever Made Headed To Auction

The Rarest Ferrari Ever Made Headed To Auction

RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction on August 18-19 of this year includes a chance to own one of the rarest Ferraris ever made – the 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana. In the early history of Ferrari, late ’40s and early ’50s, some of their most important customers were the four Marzotto brothers (Vittorio, Giannino, Paolo and Umberto) who were all considerably talented racing drivers that plied their family fortune from the textile industry to racing pursuits. This particular Ferrari, the Uovo (which means “egg” in Italian), was created after an accident at the Mille Miglia when the Marzotto brothers wanted to improve the overall performance and aerodynamics with a streamlined body that would result in a design like no other. Visually, the Uovo is astonishing. The outrageous bodylines are thanks to the vision of sculptor Franco Reggiani and coachbuilder Carrozzeria Fontana. The car was created explicitly for use in competition, and to this end was designed with lightness and aerodynamics in mind. After Reggiani was finished, the curvaceous body and unique Duralumin alloy meant the car was roughly 330 pounds lighter than similar contemporary Ferraris. Eventually, the Ferrari ended up in the garage of its current owner around 1987 before being returned to its native Italy, displayed at Ferrari anniversary celebrations and peddled around the world for prestigious events – without ever taking center stage at a concourse event. “The Egg” is expected to bring over $5 million when the gavel drops at auction. Thought it is expensive enough it’s not the most expensive car in the world. And don’t forget to check other most expensive cars in the world.


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