Simple and Compat Punch E-Bike Concept


Simple and Compat Punch E-Bike Concept

Besides zero emissions, the beauty of electric propulsion is its simplicity. Fewer moving parts and freedom of packaging mean more freedom of design, and Artem Smirnov has taken full advantage of those strengths with the Punch e-bike concept. Compact enough to store nearly anywhere and able to be charged at home, the Smirnov drew inspiration from mini bikes on the streets of Paris in the 1980s. The double-cylinder design with off-center headlight is broken only by the rake of the fork, while the motor and swappable, indoor-chargeable battery pack is carried under the rider. Smirnov imagines the Punch traveling up to 68 miles at speeds of up to 75 MPH on a full charge. Also don’t forget to check 10 smalles electric mini bikes and futuristic e-bike concept.

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