The Beast – Futuristic Hover-Air-Bike From Star Wars


The Beast - Futuristic Single Pilot Vehicle Concept

Dubbed “The Beast”, this futuristic single-pilot concept vehicle depicts what the future of personal air vehicles might hold. Berlin-based designer, Rico Kersten, has created no-less than sixteen sci-fi influenced product renderings in the past, most of which could seamlessly slip into the setting of the latest Star Wars feature film, or the futuristic anti-gravity racing game, wipeout. Rico Kersten describes “The Beast” single-pilot vehicle as a “radial fan driven hover-air-bike”, fusing the form of the contemporary motorcycle with the fictitious flying-hovercraft. His collection of captivating renderings served as an entry for the allegorithmic ontest “A Road Trip In 2116 ” judged by a panel of industry professionals including Charlotte Francis, technical artist at Naughty Dog Ruairí Robinson, film director (The Leviathan); and allegorithmic’s founding-member and CEO, Sebastien Deguy. Rico’s renderings can serve to inspire manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks, to design truly dramatic and mesmerizing modes of transportation.


concept vehicle

personal air vehicles

futuristic bike

single-pilot concept vehicle

single-pilot bike

concept vehicle

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