The Ferrari of the Bike World – Unique Handcrafted Akhal Shadow Bike


The Ferrari of the Bike World - Unique Handcrafted Akhal Shadow Bike

Marrying minimalistic aesthetics, lightweight credentials and awe-inspiring craftsmanship is for ones who appreciate the intricacies of artistic styling. On the same lines, built with the highest level of attention to detail, the Akhal Shadow bike designed by Extans is the Ferrari of the bike world in more ways than not. The sublime styling of the luxury bike is inspired by the Akhal-Teke horse, one of the best-purebred horse on the planet. Emulating the endurance, intelligence, and healthy Cremello coat of the rare horse – the Akhal Shadow bike impresses with the deep volcano black colorway. The inspiration carries on to the overall shape of the two-wheeler having the distinct balance and harmony of elements from which it is created.

unique luxury bike

Akhal Shadow is crafted in England with utmost attention to form and function with a carbon monocoque frame to keep the total weight to just 9.5 kg in total. It’s built from a single solid aluminum billet right from the CNC machined head and dropouts to the seat clamp for structural integrity. For premium ride comfort there is the saddle crafted from Fabric Scoop and total control courtesy of the Shimano Dura Ace modules. The luxury single-speed bike gets the forged carbon bike floor stand – a sculptural piece for one who appreciates the crafting skills for showing it off in modern interiors.

unique bikes

The bike evokes a sense of strong emotional connection and unison between the bike and the rider to elevate the riding experience no matter what state of mind you’re in. Also, it’s worth mentioning – the bike exists to embody “an alluring character of stealth and prowess with a clean and contemporary feel.” Akhal Shadow is made for those who have a very refined taste and will only be crafted in 99 units with the price on request. Without a doubt, each one of these handcrafted bikes is going to be a piece of art that you can sport in your living or bedroom to catch eyeballs when not out on the road riding! Also be sure to check 10 most expensive bicycles in the world and 10 beautiful vitage bicycles

handcrafted bike

akhal-teke horse

bike unique

premium ride bicycle

premium ride bike

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unique carbon bike

carbon monocoque frame

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luxury bike

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limited edition bicycle

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luxury single-speed bike

unique luxury bicycle

lightweight bike

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