The World’s Fastest Hydrofoil Cruising Catamaran ‘Nemesis One’

The World's Fastest Hydrofoil Cruising Catamaran 'Nemesis One'

With the reveal of the new Nemesis One Hydrofoil Catamaran, Nemesis is making a bold statement. The company promises that the concept will be the world’s fastest hydrofoil cruising catamaran. The 332-foot has the potential to jet across the water at 50 knots. Its speed is the result of a fuel cell hydrogen system powered by electric batteries and solar panels on the roof as well as an “Oceanwings” sail. To keep crew to a minimum, the giant wing sail is completely automated. Aside from its impressive speed, the vessel features a futuristic silhouette made completely from carbon fiber while the interior utilizes “living modules” for a customizable layout. Also don’t forget to check the fastest speed boats in the world and the most expensive luxury yachts.

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