Ujet Folding Electric Scooter


folding electric scooters for adults

An electric scooter offers nimble mobility for city-dwellers tasked with navigating congested roadways. The issue, of course, comes with parking that scooter and worrying about whether you’ll find it when you go back for it. The Ujet wants to ease those fears. Ujet is an electric scooter that folds for storage, meaning it’s easy to roll into your apartment or garage. It’s so small, in fact, that it fits in many car trunks, so you can drive your car somewhere, park, and ride your Ujet around for the day. The in-wheel 3kW electric motor offers smooth and snappy acceleration. Tires developed for the Ujet deliver superior traction. It’s even packed with more than 30 sensors to deliver unique data to your smartphone. If you are worried about having to park it outside, an anti-theft system can alert you if there’s a threat. Hit up the Ujet site and customize yours today. And don’t forget to check 10 Smallest Folding Ebikes.


folding electric scooter

electric folding scooter for adults

folding electric scooter with seat

folding electric scooters

ujet folding electric scooter

electric scooter folding

electric folding scooter

fold up electric mobility scooters

fold up electric scooter

folding electric mobility scooter

folding mobility scooter

folding mobility scooters

folding scooter

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