Volvo PV Futuristic Personal Mobility Vehicle


Volvo PV Futuristic Personal Mobility Vehicle

Not the smallest electric car for a city but really creative concept by Rashid Tagirov. Based on modernist ideas design language is a mixture of Scandinavian simplicity and functionality. Volvo PV could be a perfect solution for urban mobility, and inter-urban connections. Let’s imagine that in the future we no need public or private transport anymore. There is just one vehicle that can be suitable for all transportation needs. Volvo PV has different types of subscriptions: short and long-term subscription (vehicle belongs to one user for a limited period of time); family subscription (vehicle belongs to several users for a limited period of time); robotaxi (a short ride from A to B).

smallest electric car

Significant changes in art, design, and architecture have always been a result of social or technological revolutions. A new architecture of a small autonomous car-shared vehicle will also impact on functions and packages in the future. By removing all useless interior parts people will get much more space than before even in the small segment. All technical parts, like batteries, sensors and other complex techs will be integrated into the exterior volumes what will create completely new product look.

small urban car

Perhaps its most dramatically different and undeniably unique feature of all is the adaptable seating position; the user has the option of how they would like to travel, they may find a standing position for short distances more comfortable than the more reclined position that’s advised for longer journeys. This change in position doesn’t just alter the interior of the vehicle, the headrests are connected to the tail-lights which move with the seating, changing the exterior visuals.

smallest car in the world

It’s undoubtedly a bold and beautifully executed concept, that would certainly bring a change to how we travel within our densely-populated cities! And be sure to check best concepts of largest automakers.

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