Zeabuz Launches Self-Driving Zero-Emissions Ferry


Zeabuz Launches Self-Driving Zero-Emissions Ferry

The Zeabuz zero-emissions ferry has been designed by the Norway-based company and NTNU as a solution for busy urban environments where travel on the water is quickly becoming essential to reduce roadway congestion. The ferry is capable of carrying up to 12 passengers and will function almost like an elevator by allowing users to simply press a button to summon it for a ride. This is achieved thanks to an autonomous design, while the electric functionality makes it a distinctly greener way for passengers to get between locations.

electric ferry

The conceptual Zeabuz zero-emissions ferry is expected to launch in 2021, and will connect the port to the city center of Trondheim and reduce transport time from 15 minutes to just one minute with minimal walking required. Also be sure to check the fastest speed boats in the world.

modern ferry concept

self-driving ferry

self-driving electric ferry

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