Epoch Collection Of Safe Bike Helmets By Thousand Helmets


Epoch Collection Of Safe Bike Helmets By Thousand Helmets

Los Angeles-based brand Thousand Helmets was founded two years ago and offers original and safe bike helmets. And they look stylish and elegant. “As a long time cyclist, I was never a fan of wearing a bicycle helmet. I always thought they were bulky, “sci-fi” nuisances. But after the loss of a friend, I knew I needed to change. Wanting to give others an option to change as well, I emptied my savings account and convinced my friends to help me build Thousand. Finally, a helmet you’d actually want to wear. We just started down this road, but we can’t wait for you to join us on the ride,” says Gloria Hwang, co-founder of Thousand. If you like such style of helmets you should check our newly created collection 35 Best Vintage & Retro Motorcycle Helmets.


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