Jellyfish-Inspired MB&F HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red Watch


The deeper you go in the ocean, the less light you see – and red light is the first to disappear. Thus, deep-sea jellyfish often have red stomachs as camouflage, and it’s these creatures that inspired the Platinum Red version of MB&F’s HM7 Aquapod.

mbf7 platinum red

“The organic jellyfish-inspired design of HM7 Aquapod is counter-balanced by the very mechanical horology within: a central 60-second flying tourbillon tops the concentric vertical movement architecture, with indications radiating out from the centre like ripples in a pond. Like many jellyfish, HM7 glows in the dark: on the hour and minute numerals, around the inside of the movement and along the tentacle-like winding rotor.”

hm7 red front

” The 303-component (391 for the Platinum Red edition), 72-hour power reserve HM7 Engine was developed in-house by MB&F. Spherically three-dimensional, all its mechanisms – from the winding rotor at the bottom, to the flying tourbillon on top – rotate concentrically around the centre. The curves of the high-domed sapphire crystal are mirrored in the shape of the time display rings. ” Limited to just 25 examples. And with price tag $165,000 you could become one of the most expensive watches in the world.

mbf platinum red hm7 watch

mbf platinum red hm7

mbf platinum red hm7 wrist watch

hm7 engine

hm7 mouv profile

hm7 red wirst

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