Newest Unique Creation of MB&F – Legacy Machine Thunderdome


Newest Unique Creation of MB&F - Legacy Machine Thunderdome

MB&F is launching today the Legacy Machine Thunderdome, a new creation of the Geneva-based brand that features the world’s fastest triple-axis regulating mechanism. The result of the collaboration of MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser with Eric Coudray for the movement development and Kari Voutilainen for its design and finish, the Legacy Machine Thunderdome offers an incredible spectacle that will certainly fascinate any mechanical watch enthusiast.

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Rising above a blue guillochage dial, the proprietary new “TriAx” mechanism stands out for its large size and for being visible from all sides during its fast rotations. To achieve this, instead of associating one cage with each rotational axis, the TriAx has a two-cage configuration.

world's fastest triple-axis regulating mechanism

Controlling the rate at which energy escapes from the barrel is the unusual Potter escapement, which utilises a fixed escape wheel in place of the mobile escape wheels seen in virtually every type of modern rotating escapement. The fixed escape wheel of the Potter escapement – named for 19th-century watchmaker and inventor Albert H. Potter – allows for higher rotational speeds in such a mechanism.

Integrating a fixed escape wheel within a tri-axial rotating mechanism helped to optimize the energy consumption, a requirement in consideration of the high speed of the three rotation axes performing a full rotation every 8 seconds, 12 seconds and 20 seconds, respectively.

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Moreover, the Potter escapement frees up more space for the balance and hairspring, allowing to have a better view of the 3 Hz (21,600 vph) hemispherical balance wrapping around the helical hairspring.

It is kind of unbelievable that the combined weight of this multi-axis mechanism is just 1 gram.

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The time is indicated on a 58° vertically tilted dial of stretched lacquer.

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Also displaying the 45-hour power reserve indicator, the back side showcases the beautiful finishes of the hand-wound, triple-barrel movement with bevelled internal angles, polished bevels, Geneva waves and hand-made engravings.

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Water resistant to a pressure of 3 ATM, the case of the new model is 44 mm in diameter and 22.2 mm thick, domed crystal included.

The MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome is launched in two limited editions: 33 pieces in platinum 950, with a light-blue guilloché dial plate and 10 pieces in tantalum commemorating the 40th anniversary of Asia-Pacific retail group The Hour Glass, with five pieces bearing a dark-blue guilloché dial and five pieces with an inlaid aventurine dial.

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unusual mens watches

The retail price of the Platinum edition is Swiss Francs 270,000 plus VAT. The retail prices of the Tantalum editions will be set locally by The Hour Glass, in their local currencies. If you’re a fan of such beautiful and expensive timeices you should definetely check two of our lists: luxury watches and 10 most expenive wrist watches in the world.

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